středa 20. března 2013

Busy bee

Some of my friends reading my blog said it may seem I only sew and decorate and craft all the time, so I decided to snad a few pictures of my work day :) Had to do it super sneaky, because my dad is really mean as a boss :D but he pays well so :) I dont work regularly, because my parents run an accounting company, and as I don't have any official qualifications yet, I can only do simpler work that would take their time. I will not go into much details, what I do is, when clients bring in their bills I put them in a computer system one by one. The most tedious part is, that some of the bills have multiple pages, so I have to disasemble them, reglue them together, tick some neccesary information on them and then I can actually start working :) 

my lovely snack box


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