neděle 12. května 2013

Met favorites

This years Met gala theme was Punk. As soon as I heard about it, I was excited. I'm not usually the one to follow celebrity events or latest runway shows (with exceptions... ) but I couldn't resist but wonder how celebrities would grasp the theme... and I have to say, mostly, my expectations were much higher... I didn't actually see too much punk influence, and only one Vivienne Westwood dress... bit of a letdown. Anyway, I still had some favorites and some clear losers to show you :) 

Here are the top 3 outfits from the Gala for me...

Cara Delevigne was one of the few really punky ones. 
And still stylish in my opinion...

Kirsten Dunst... I like anything with feathers, that gradient effect is sweet... 
can't be bothered to search the designer though :D 

Karolina Kurkova... pretty pattern mixing, love the skirt

Next two outfits are a maybe for me...

Olsens always stick to their style. I love their everyday boho style, 
but their red carpet looks are mostly a miss for me. With this one I'm really torn :)

Miley kind of looks like Sid Vicious here. I appreciate the full on punk look, 
but when is too much TOO MUCH ? :)

 And here we have the clear losers...

I usually don't care about Kim Kardashian's style. It's not for me, but it's polished 
and girly. But this is a HUGE miss for me... To me she looks like an ugly old coach, 
and those gloves with it... just ugly for me...                                                                

Madonna seems she forgot to put her pants on... She indeed has a great body, 
but this seems just funny on someone her age... if Miley wore this, or Jessie J or 
someone,  I wouldn't mind it so much...

I don't know who this is, and I don't even want to know just judging from this... 
same case as Madonna. pink hair looks riddiculous on someone her age, 
furthermore it looks like a cheap wig, and even though I am a huge 
lover of anything with bows, I cant stand this one... 

EDIT 13.5. 
I just found this picture on 9gag, I just had to add it here for y'all to see :D
the capture said: Caught my boyfriend sleeping with Kim Kardashian :D 

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