středa 17. dubna 2013

Sewing bee

Did you hear about the new BBC's reality show The Great British Sewing Bee? I found out about it on my favorite sewing blog, Tilly and the buttons. Tilly was one of the competitors and shared some info and her progress on her blog. 

The show airs on Tuesday, I download it (bad Luci) from torrents on Wednesdays, because you can't watch BBC videos outside of Britain. I love the show, I just saw the third episode now, I love to see how other (more skilled but still amateur) home sewers work.

I like the fact that it is reality TV, but opposite to American reality shows ( I'm currently on a Project Runway marathon), there is no drama, everything is much more friendly, and the atmosphere is almost like a family... Such a pity that the winner will be known next week so the show will be over. Hopefully there will be another season...

all the contestants, Tilly is the one in with tape measure around her neck :) She is sweet...